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  E-Mail Address: FLFOP125@FLFOP125.ORG
P.O. Box 441055, Jacksonville, FL 32222
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Dion Alexander
Lodge President

Victor Marini
Lodge  Vice President

Lodge Secretary

Antione Gary
Lodge Treasurer

Freddie Hill
Lodge Chaplain

Lodge State Trustee

Arthur Tompkins
Lodge Sgt. at Arms

Meeting Hours 6:00 pm (18:00)
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R.I.P     Roger W. Szczepura
27 Mar 2016
Florida Lodge 125 President
Pass away due to an accident

our prayers go out to your family at this time of sorrow.

Our Lodge
     The Jacksonville Federal Lodge #125 of Duval County, Florida was established in 1977.  Today, the lodge has over 55 members from the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, Postal Service, Coast Guard, Federal Reserve, U.S. Customs and other Local & Federal Law Enforcement agencies.
Objects and Purposes
    1. This organization is formed for the purpose of bettering existing conditions of Law Enforcement by solidifying their unity and promoting their mutual welfare in this State and nationally through our affiliation with the National Order.

    2. This Lodge shall strive to promote the mutual welfare of all Law Enforcement Officers and the promotion of Fraternal, charitable and social relations among its members, as well as the promotion of confidence, cooperation and harmony between this Lodge and the general public and all public officials.

    3. This Lodge shall work toward the strengthening and improvement of all Civil Service Laws which apply to members of this Lodge.

    4. To promote and encourage educational undertakings among Law Enforcement Officers to further professionalize law enforcement and to encourage greater public support of Law Enforcement Officers in the performance of their duties.

FOP - Legal Defense Plan
     This program is designed specifically to cover the law enforcement exposures faced by members of the F.O.P. The Legal Plan pays legal defense costs on behalf of participating members for the following actions and proceedings:

  • Coverage A - Administrative
  • Coverage B - Civil
  • Coverage C - Criminal

Coverage is provided when a participant is acting within the scope of their law enforcement employment duties. For the law enforcement professional, duty related legal defense protection is a necessity as the frequency and cost of allegations against peace officers continues to rise. The F.O.P. Legal Plan offers you and your lodge members a very affordable and comprehensive coverage plan. Please refer to the options above for additional information on Plan coverages, enrollment and claims services at http://www.hylant.com.
FOP Legal Plan Info                                                      Legal Plan Application

HR 218 legal plan. The Lodge President has some Brocheres on the plan in his possession if you are interested.
HR.218 Plan Info                                                            HR218 Plan Application
All offical HR 218 info                                                   Florida Guide on HR 218

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